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Japanese names that mean melody

From Japanese 一 (kazu) “one” or 和 (kazu) “harmony” combined with 輝 (ki) “radiance, shine” or 希 (ki) “hope”. “KAZUKO” Gender: Feminine Usage: Japanese Other Scripts: 一子, 和子 (Japanese) From Japanese 一 (kazu) “one” or 和 (kazu) “harmony” combined with 子 (ko) “child”. “KAZUO “ Gender: Masculine Usage: Japanese Other Scripts: 一男, 和夫 (Japanese).

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If you're more interested in subtle musical girl names, you can turn to meanings. Rinna is a gorgeous Hebrew name meaning "joyous song," and Shira means "my song.". The Sanskrit sweetheart Rania is perfect for a vocal baby with her meaning, "she is singing.". Candena 's "with rhythm" is fitting for a singer or dancer. Web.



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